Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest highlights from Tgirlsonfilm

your local film connoisseur for all things cross-y, cunty and cis-negative” gives a rundown of her fringe! queer film & arts fest highlights.

Humble reader, if we have not yet had the pleasure of being acquainted at one of the many transgender to-do’s about town then let me introduce myself. I am your local film connoisseur for all things cross-y, cunty and cis-negative. I run a little project called @tgirlsonfilm, sharing trans-feminine representations in media as well as screening rarefied and lost trans-femme gems for my adoring audiences. Therefore, as a purveyor of taste, glamour, glory, gold, hair, hips, nails, oestrogen, sex and cross-dressing memorabilia, I thought it only natural that I instruct you on the creative delights that are hip ’n’ happening at this years, Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Festival.

1. across-over-beyond: an exhibition of trans artists

First on the table is a veritable feast of trans artwork. Looks scrumptious!! It’s always important for one to express one’s self, especially when living the torrid, tumultuous and titilating life of a transgender individual in the 21st century. It looks like all TWENTY early career trans people have been absolutely ravenous with loads of self expression. Yummy! I can’t wait to take in all those loads on the launch evening at 6.00pm on 13th September at Space Station Sixty Five. Chin, chin! If I do not see you there, its on until the 14th October.

I will let the curator of the exhibition, Rabz Lansiquot, describe this delicacy for you all. 

“Excited to share the details of Across-Over-Beyond, the exhibition I’ve been working on as part of Fringe! Queer Arts & Film Fest. Come celebrate at the opening, or witness the work during the run! Across-Over-Beyond is an exhibition showcasing the work of UK-based early-career Trans+ artists as part of Fringe Film Fest’s extended programme at Space Station Sixty Five in Kennington, London. The exhibition is curated by artist, curator & DJ Rabz Lansiquot, with artists selected via a nationwide open call alongside panelists biogal, Ebun Sodipo, Fritha Jenkins, Sin Wai Kin and Josiah Moktar. The exhibition features work by Alina Abdullahi, Alimma Aldiyar, Autojektor, Nathan Beaton, Teef Chan, Sofia Del Carmen, Pierce Eldridge, Parma Ham, Elena Hoskyns-Abrahall, Koumbah Janneh, India Jaggon, Steph Linn, Izzy MacC, George Manhire, Chris Owen, Martha Summers, Tuesday, Avery Worsley, Eli Walkden and Xiaoqi Yang.The exhibition takes its name from the Latin etymology of the prefix ‘trans-‘. A word-/world-forming element, trans- means “across, beyond, through, on the other side of, to go beyond, to cross or cross over, to pass through, to overcome.’Across-Over-Beyond aims to celebrate the richness and range of artistic practices of artists who identify as trans, non-binary, GNC and intersex, especially in a national and international environment that is becoming explicitly more hostile to people of trans experience.”

2. TGirlsonFilm Present Scarecrow in a Garden of Cucumbers

“Moi”- Miss Piggy.

I’ve been chasing this rare film for a while, it was only recently found by the academy and shown by trans film programmer superstar, Liz Purcell but this will be the first time it is shown in London since the seventies. Holly Woodlawn is on charm-offensive, the gowns, the sets, the musical numbers ugh! GAY! You won’t find this anywhere else, dvd, streaming or more illicit means, so grab a ticket! 

Synposis: “A ’70s musical midnight movie starring Trash Tgirl-superstar Holly Woodlawn is finally restored. Never released on video and not screened since, Woodlawn proves herself to be far more than a Warhol superstar. Woodlawn delights as Eve Harrington, a cis girl trying to make it big, alongside cult legend Tally Brown. Featuring cameos from Lily Tomlin and Bette Midler, this counterculture gem is restored and ready for reappraisal.”

15.00, 17th September at the ICA

Take a walk on the wild side… now!

3.  Queer East Presents Mother Saigon

Queer East offer some of the best programming in London and I’m sure this drag trans doc will be an absolute treat!  She’s so mother etc etc

Synopsis: “Fringe! x Queer East present: a city that mothers so hard it needed a documentary. In the lush, vibrant streets of Saigon, a found family of trans drag artists try to find peace, young gay fiancés celebrate with their parents, and butch-femme hair-stylist parents lavish each other with love. With a kaleidoscopic view of being queer & trans in Vietnam, Mother Saigon questions just what it means to be a mummy.”

18.30, 19th September at Genesis Cinema

Life’s a drag… now!

4. Transfariana

I viewed this at this years Berlinale and it really has it all. Politics, solidarity and a slice of romance. Working class struggle and trans people need to work together more and this explores exactly that in Columbia! 

Synopsis: “TransFARC fight back as Colombian working class people and trans people build a solidarity movement to fight for their rights! The unlikely romantic and political duo of left wing intellectual Jaison and trans former sex worker Laura blossoms, amongst their mutual incarceration and shared oppression, as they seek political power for their people.”

18.30, 20th September at Genesis cinema

Fight back and book now! 

5. Performance: censored pleasures + closeted desires

I am yet to see what all these legends have up there sleeve, lets find out in the dark together…

Synopsis: “censored pleasures + closeted desires brings together performers ready to delve into their desires and bear the brunt of your attention. This choreographic orgy will explore gritty exertion and full flamboyance, movements in relation miniscule and tender to huge and sweeping. Featuring the first UK performance of New Fam’s Babymmalian, and more new work from performers: Biogal, Joshua Woolford + Dahc Dermur, and Kelvin Atmadibrata.”

19.30, 21st September at The Place 

6. Wigudun

If performance art ain’t your thing, or you are closer to Rich Mix rather than The Place, why not pop in for more trans documentary about the indigenous Guna people of Panama. 

Synopsis: “Gender has never been binary and the indigenous Guna people of Panama know it! Join this group of trans women as they strive for recognition and rights, teach us about the mythology surrounding the Omeggids (the people belonging to their culture’s third gender), organise community events, and try to win a volleyball tournament. The bonds between these women are beautiful and inspiring in the face of the discrimination they face inside and out of their community.”

20.15, 21st September at Rich Mix

Wig. Book now!

7. trans shorts

All of fringe’s shorts programmes are pay-what-you-can so finances shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoy all these off-the-wall queeriosities! They are mostly being shown at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, and I’d keep an eye out on Maz’s Murrays latest in the Trans Homo programme for some local flavour! Also check out “Mommy on Drugs” in the Psychic TV Crashes the Afters programme, for some gen-z cartoony acid hilariosity! That is just the tip of the oestrogen pill when it comes to the trans-tastic treats on offer in the shorts at fringe, go support trans filmmakers…..NOW!! What’s stopping ya? 

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