where the dolls at? oestrogeneration’s guide to festivals this summer

summer is officially here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! solstice has passed, sweaty dreams are on the precipice of being realised, now it’s time to be silly at this summer’s most transexual functions.

let’s be honest, major uk festivals are not typically the most trans-friendly spaces. as little gay brother reported in a viral video back in may, their trans performers frequently receive harassment from both attendees and staff while performing across the uk festival circuit, leading little gay brother to pull out from all festival commitments this summer season. 

this hostility, triggered by the rotted political climate we live in, makes us party girls selective of where we want to dance. 

below is our guide of parties that have the potential to reach their peak if the crowd is populated by a doll-majority. we hope to see you there!

field day

if there’s one mainstream festival the dolls must band together and swarm this summer it’s field day. at her only uk date this year, i need to have my senses pounded by arca’s signature industrial kicks in amongst a sea of trans-lesbianism and poppers. with juliana huxtable, lsdxoxo and kelela also on the line-up, this has the potential to be the festival of the season. in the name of community, lets come together and assure these legendary queer and trans artists do not have to perform to a crowd of chaser-adjacent-sound-boys. 

a fab new addition include all queens: a stage curated by bbc radio 6 dj mary anne hobbs specifically platforming female, trans & non-binary artists. it’s gonna be c*nt!

on august 19th, the girls will be in attendance, stomping across the grass of victoria park to the sounds of international trans icons. 

body movements

body movements has quickly become a staple calendar date in east london’s queer scene. each summer since 2021, angels of the scene descend upon hackney wick all day and night, coming together for a gorgeous lineup of city legends and international superstars. this year, fresh off her set for oestrogeneration’s iconic launch, taahliah will be back in london to give us another pulsing set to remember forever. euphoric summer scenes from octo octa, co-founder of t4t luv nrg, are guaranteed. while jaye ward, mya mehmi, lewis g burton and many more are predicted to serve severely.

field maneuvers 

the queen of transexual rave hymns, bored lord, will be gracing field maneuvers with her meditative, spiritual approach to dance music. those who saw her at winter body movements, superstore’s birthday or at venue mot for her recent london shows will assure you: bored lord in the sunshine is an experience not to be missed. dolls 👏 to 👏 the 👏 front 👏👏👏

trans pride afters 

after the march and the speeches, what does one do after pride? as the sun-stroke delirium begins to set in and the joy of frollicking around soho square starts to fade, a good pride afters is the necessary next move. femme fraiche have put together a stunning lineup of trans & nb talent for their party at superstore and there’s always 512 if you want to share your pride with a chaser this season #chaserrights